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Have you recently found yourself in the middle of a power cut due to a heavy storm? Or maybe in the need for some electricity off the beaten track? Today cutting-edge technologies have taken us far with spectacular evolvements that ensure a great deal more comfort than a few decades ago. This is the case of electricity generators that have come a long way to become what we know today as battery powered outlets.

These devices are the portable power station that helps you keep alive your most necessary gadgets on a trip or generate electricity at times of gale. Moreover, unlike gas-fueled generators, battery-powered stations don’t emit toxic gases and can be used indoors. Also, a battery-powered outlet creates little to no noise and usually comes along with added charging capabilities, such as portable solar panels.

Are you considering such an appliance to your home yet? To help you figure out the main benefits of a battery-powered outlet, this article provides you with the key elements to expect when purchasing such a device.

  • Transportability Given the average size of a microwave, battery-powered generators can be easily transported to your trip destination. Although a man’s hand is needed, getting around the appliance is certainly manageable. Also, some models come with wheels to ease the transport process.
  • Environment-friendly Despite taking a little longer to charge, battery-powered outlets are not only minor polluters but also deliver many hours of electricity suppliance. A tip would be to charge your device the night before the news forecast extreme weather conditions.
  • Alternative rechargeability As we mentioned, many outlets come along with portable solar panels that give you an extra option regarding battery refilling. However, it is important to have in mind that this alternative is workable only when the solar panels face directly the sunlight, otherwise, they are not usable.

Should there be any disadvantages to this apparent flawless option? Of course, no material has the perfect structure, thus, there are always flaws to be discussed. Here’s what might set you down from buying a battery-powered outlet:

  • Costliness Battery-powered generators are usually way cheaper than usual gas-fueled ones. However, it’s your job to decide whether the extended functions that battery-powered outlets come with are worth the dollars.
  • Less power Endurance-wise, battery-powered stations usually last shorter than gas-fueled generators. So, while the latter can go for up to 12 hours, the portable outlet is estimated to endure up to 9 hours of energy supply.

Having considered all these factors, you’ve probably come about a decision. If you’re still interested in battery-powered outlets, you can still take a look at what we consider one of the best stations functionally-wise.

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 is an easily transportable generator due to the integrated roll cart and designed ideally for a short power outage. The model provides an easily readable display that indicates the battery level and a versatile output range. Thus, you can connect to the device appliances such as the fridge, lights, gadgets, medical equipment, and more!

Essential Tips For Battery-Powered Outlets

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