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Being a dog owner implies a lot of responsibilities. New owners quickly learn how demanding it can be to have dogs as pets, while seasoned dog lovers can still feel some days like caring for their dog is a bit much. Everything from training your dog when it is still a puppy to caring from it when it’s already an adult can be difficult at times. Pit bulls are no different, but just like with any other breed, information is what makes the difference. Learning more about your pit bull is necessary to be able to raise it properly and be the best owner you can be. Below you will find 5 basic things every pitbulll owner should know, keep reading if you want to learn more.

Pitbulls are not aggressive by nature

The myth that pitbulls are an inherently aggressive breed is no more than that: a myth. Their past associated with dog fighting has remained mostly in the past, luckily, as the practice has been banned almost worldwide in recent years. Pitbulls are not any more aggressive than other breeds, and that should not be a deterrent that keeps you from considering one of these dogs as a potential pet.

Pitbulls need nutritious diets

Members of the pitbull family in general need special care and attention when it comes to food. Their weight can easily fluctuate, and they need enough exercise and the correct food to avoid gaining excess weight. Considering the opposite case, you should make sure the food you pick is nutritious enough to prevent weight loss. A good list of pitbull dog food can be found here.

Pitbulls are a very strong breed

It is no secret that pitbulls are built like, well, bulls. Hence the name of the breed, huh? Well, knowing this beforehand is essential to avoid being outrun or overcome with their strength during walks if they get excited. You need a good collar, leash, and potentially a harness if you’re not too strong yourself to get a good grip on your pittie. You can check collars for pitbull on pitbulllovers.com.

Pitbulls are friendly with other dogs

Contrary to the same popular belief that makes everyone think that pitbulls are ferocious beasts that will attack anyone and anything that they find in their way, pitbulls are actually quite friendly. They can truly be quite mellow and easygoing with both people and other dogs, so there is nothing to fear when you see a pitbull at the dog park unless you are told otherwise by their owners.

Pitbulls make great family pets

Last but not least, if you have chilren or you are planning to start a family but don’t know if a pitbull would be an adequate dog breed to have around children, worry not. Pitties, like many other dog breeds, possess an instinct that kicks in when they are around babies and small children. They know perfectly well, just as if they were their own puppies, that these small humans are fragile and should be protected. If your pitbull is well trained and you know their character, there is nothing to worry about.

5 basic things every pitbull owner should know

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